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Bo innovation

Alvin Leung, the ‘Demon Chef’
Alvin Leung is a truly remarkable chef. He spent 20 years of his life working as an engineer, then 9 years ago with no prior training, he opened Bo Innovation, now a restaurant holding 2 Michelin stars. To put this feat of achievement into perspective, only 2 self-taught chefs have ever earned Michelin stars; the other was Heston Blumenthal.

Alvin’s style is molecular gastronomy fused with Chinese cuisine. But instead of the traditional Chinese cuisine that’s a bit ‘same old’, he adds a modern, innovative twist. Such is his skill and fame in this area, he’s nicknamed the ‘Demon Chef’ and his style is known as X-treme Chinese Cuisine. This is true fusion food. A blend of East and West cultures, a blend of flavours and a blend of art and science.

The chefs at Bo Innovation, Hong Kong
Upon exiting the lift going up to Bo Innovation, the first thing you’re greeted by is a giant photo of the Demon Chef, Alvin Leung, displaying his tattoo 廚魔 which literally translates as ‘kitchen demon’.

For our visit, we were fortunate enough to sit at the chef’s table. And on the menu was the 16 course chef’s table black truffle tasting menu.

Egette aka egg waffles or 'gei dan jai'
1. Eggetes aka Egg Waffles (Gei Dan Jai)

nitro rose lychee champagne
2. Nitro rose lychee champagne
toro foie gras powder with tomato and onion
3. Toro
Foie gras powder, tomato, green onion

caviar with oyster and bottarga cream
4. Caviar
oyster, bottarga cream

ocean trout with creme fraiche, kumquat honey and h=ginger
5. Ocean Trout
kumquat honey, ginger, creme fraiche

pea shoot black truffle, pinenut and whitebait
6. Pea Shoot
black truffle, pine nut, whitebait

Foie gras fruit and nuts
7. Foie gras
fruit and nuts

Abalone with lemongrass, potato, seaweed
8. Abalone
lemongrass, potato, seaweed

Molecular xiao long bao
9. Molecular
Xiao long bao

Black truffle chian dan chee
10. Black truffle
chian dan chee

Lobster star anise butter, chanterelles, corn, sea urchin
11. Lobster
star anise butter, chanterelles, corn, sea urchin

Saga-gyu beef truffled tendon, daikon, spiced consomme
12. Saga-gyu beef
truffled tendon, daikon, spiced consomme

Bresse chicken 7 years aged acquerello rice, jus
13. Bresse chicken
7 years aged acquerello rice, jus

Sex on the Beach with AIDS donation
14. Sex on the beach
(HKD$68 supplement) with proceeds donated to AIDS Concern

Chocoloate heaven
15. Chocoloate heaven

Petit dim sum
16. Petit dim sum

How was the food?

The bresse chicken was succulent, the chian dan chee aka egg and ham sandwich was delicious and the abalone were like bites from Heaven. His edible condom dish on a beach made of mushroom was provocative, his molecular xiao long bao that looks nothing like a xiao long bao was innovative and pretty much his entire menu had intense, rich, concentrated flavours.

How was the service?
The staff were very well trained and the service was impeccable. Care was taken to explain each dish, exactly what Alvin was hoping to achieve with each dish and a deconstruction of what each ingredient brought what to the plate. His reasoning was that a dish tastes better when people understand, and so true it was.

Each dish was a work of art both in terms of presentation and deconstruction. Each and every ingredient was important and played a part in the composition of the dish and you really get to appreciate the workmanship of each sensational bite and how the unique blend of flavours work together.

Thank you!
This tasting menu was a real success and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Bo Innovation staff not just for an exceptionally good meal, but for an unforgettable experience. Thank you!

Expect to pay
The standard tasting menu is HKD$880. The tasting menu at the Chefs table will set you back HKD$1880 with optional HKD$700 wine tasting.

The black truffle tasting menu will tickle your senses, raise your eyebrows and throw something new into your pallette. Intense, rich flavours all across the menu but our favourite dishes were the bresse chicken with 7 years aged acquerello rice and jus, the chian dan chee and the must-try molecular xiao long bao!

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