Romantic Venice in 21 Stunning Shots

Amazing view of the Grand Canal from Scalzi Bridge

Venice. Romantic, mysterious and one of a kind! From the Grand Canal to the Rialto Bridge, and from gondolas to street markets, enjoy our photoblog of Venice in 21 stunning, typically Venetian, Photos.

Gondola Ride Under Rialto Bridge
A gondolier expertly rowing his passenger under the Rialto Bridge

Typical Venetian Canal Road
A typical narrow Venetian canal lined on either side with boats. St Mark’s Camponile towers above in the misty background.

Basilica St Mary of health - Salute
Looking through the posts towards Basilica St Mary of Health, commonly referred to as La Salute.

Venetian Landmark - Rialto Bridge
One of Venice’s most famous and iconic landmarks, the Rialto Bridge, designed by Antonio da Ponte and built in 1591. Beautiful.

Gondola ride in Venice
The view from inside a gondola, about to go underneath the Scalzi Bridge. One of the must-do things in Venice for all romantics, although very expensive! The price has risen over the years, so check the Institute of the Gondola website for latest fares, currently standing at €80.

Doges Palace
Doge’s Palace. Originally the official residence of the Doge of Venice, but now a stunning palace museum open to the public.

Nobody around in what seems like a ghost town
At night, if you stay away from the main tourist trails, the streets are a lot quieter, some even resemble an eerie ghost town.

We definitely advise spending some time exploring the inner streets, putting your map away and getting yourself completely lost. It will be one of your most surreal but enjoyable experiences!

Scalzi Bridge next to The church of Scalzi
Go north towards the train station and you’ll see the majestic Church of the Scalzi standing next to the Scalzi Bridge.

Amazing Canal road view at night
Amazing canal road view at night.

Gondolas docked in on the shore
Gondolas docked in on the shore. Looking into the distance across the sea to St Mark’s Basilica and Camponile Bell Tower.

Beautiful balcony of the Ca Gottardi hotel
Beautiful balcony of the Ca Gottardi hotel.

Typical Venetian Street Market Stalls
Typical Street Market stalls selling all kinds of Venetian brik-a-brak.

Typical Venetian Architecture
Typical Venetian architecture as viewed from one of the ever frequent river boats on the Grand Canal.

St Mark's Camponile aka The Bell Tower
St Mark’s Camponile aka The Bell Tower standing tall underneath the midnight glow.

St Mark's Basilica
Another of Venice’s most famous sights, St Mark’s Basilica.

Rialto Market
The bustling Rialto Market, full of activity, selling all kinds of fruit, veg and seafood. Go there early when the produce is freshest and the local Venetians are out haggling a bargain.

Traditional Venetian Boat Building Yard
Traditional Venetian Boat Building Yard.

Statue at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum
The Peggy Guggenheim Art Museum in the Southern area of Dorsoduro has a fantastic collection of modern art. There are lots of bizzare yet wonderful sculptures and art pieces that will blow your mind!

Messages of wellbeing at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum
Messages of wellbeing at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

Medusa in Venetian Shop Window
Medusa and black plague masks displayed in Venetian Shop Window

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