Flat Iron | Great Steak for a Tenner

Flat Iron Steaks with chips and side salad

So, we first heard of this great place on Twitter, God bless Twitter! Flat Iron Steak was set to be served above the Owl & Pussycat pub in Shoreditch. As with many cool things in London, it opened in the guise of a pop-up restaurant and was open for just a few weeks in August.

Thankfully, the current update is that Flat Iron Steak are now looking to move to a permanent residence in Soho. Watch this space for updates, but for now, enjoy our experience at the Flat Iron Steak pop-up in Shoreditch. Update – Flat Iron has now opened its Soho branch!

Steak is what you want!

Turns out we weren’t the only ones who had heard about this amazing, limited time only, steak joint. Long queues of eager punters stretched down the stairs to outside of the pub. Luckily we got there early-ish and were seated within half an hour. It also helped that there was a bar serving great cocktails and staff were handing out beef coated popcorn to hungry queuers.

Roast Aubergine starter

The menu contained only a few items so we swiftly decided to order a bit of everything and this consisted of dripping cooked chips, some salad leaves and a roast aubergine dish with tomato, basil and parmesan which was actually surprisingly good. Then there was the steak, the gorgeous flat iron steak!

Cut from the shoulder, the flat iron steak is less common than other cuts but is known for its natural tenderness and affordability. At just £10 for a flat iron steak, we ordered 3 between 2 and this worked out just perfectly!

Flat Iron mini cleavers

The steak was divine! Nicely grilled and seasoned to perfection, it was tender with a rich beefy flavour. We ordered a few sauces but to be honest, since the steaks were so high in taste, bearnaise, peppercorn and co. really weren’t needed. The ultra cute mini-meat cleavers also weren’t needed as the steaks were so incredibly tender.

Flat Iron Steaks
And a closer look at these perfectly grilled flat iron steaks

Chocolate and Caramel Mousse
Dessert? Yes please! And it was a chocolate and caramel mousse on offer. The waitress enthusiastically suggested adding a few sprinkles of sea salt, and although slightly reluctant at first, it was definitely worth doing as it complemented and brought out the intense sweet flavours of the mousse. Nice!


High quality, tender and great tasting flat iron steaks for very reasonable prices. Extremely good value all round!

Expect to pay


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