Goodman | Is This The Best Steak House in London?

Goodmans Fillet Steak

So, as we entered the Mayfair branch of Goodman and walked through, there was a good vibe about the place. We admired the exposed brickwork, the American style decor and the loud chitter chatter of punters. The interior was nice, with dimmed down, ambient lighting which created a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. First impressions were good!

Beef Carpaccio

But we came for the steak and Goodman is supposed to be the daddy! We had heard majorly good things, especially with recommendations and reviews saying that it was better than Hawksmoor so we were keen to get stuck right in. Appetisers… Some reviews had suggested passing on the appetisers in favour of just steak, but we were pretty hungry so went for a beef carpaccio and tiger prawn tempura to start.

Beef carpaccio, nice! Tiger prawn tempura, not bad. Not much else to add apart from it filled a hole. I can’t help but feel though that this took up valuable tummy space as what was to come was mammoth!

Tiger Prawn Tempura
The Goodmans Ribeye

The Perfect Steak
Goodman import their charcoal ovens specially. They also exclusively use grain-fed, ethically treated herds, and each cut is matured in their very own ageing room, producing a juicier, more tender steak with a concentrated beef flavour. These guys really do take their meat seriously!

As with most modern steak houses, the special cuts of the day were marked on a blackboard and it hosted a nice selection of steaks from both UK and US. We opted for the Goodman ribeye and fillet cuts, with sides of truffle chips, mac and cheese and garlic lemon spinach.

The steak was phenomenal, perfectly marbled, tender and 100% full of pure beef flavour. Wow, just wow! There was a gorgeous char and a wonderfully smoky, charcoal flavour. This was pure pleasure and the epitome of melt in your mouth. Saliva-inducingly good!

Mac and Cheese with Truffle Sauce
Creamed Spinach

With The Perfect Sides
The mac and cheese with truffle sauce and parmesan was amazing, as was the garlic and lemon spinach, but a special mention goes out to the truffle chips which are chips sprayed with truffle oil. These are the best chips I’ve ever had. Fluffy on the inside, crunchy on the outside with a glaze of truffle oil. Splendidly scrumptious, and the perfect accompaniment to the perfect steaks!

The tastiest truffle chips

Our mate, the maitre d’
Throughout our evening, the service was outstanding with the maitre d’ being particularly attentive, chatty and forthcoming. He told us how great the creamed spinach was and brought a portion to us for free! And after our vanilla creme brulee dessert, he even offered us complimentary coffee and champagne since it was a birthday! It’s nice to be looked after eh.


Goodman v Hawksmoor
Goodman is as good a steak you’ll ever eat, and just as good as Hawksmoor. Is it better? Well, the easy answer is that the steaks are equally as good, both being exceptionally high in quality and taste. Try either and you’ll be blown away!


Ribeye or fillet, the steaks are magnificent and easily one of the best in London, but make sure you order some truffle chips, possibly the best side of chips you’ll ever taste!

Expect to pay

anything from £60 upwards

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