The Hawksmoor Burger

The Hawksmoor Burger with triple cooked chips

Hawksmoor prides itself on being one of the best steak houses in London, and rightly so, as the steaks are to die for. The burgers however are less well known, but knowing the high quality of meat served from Hawksmoor, we knew we were in for a treat. As part of the lunch menu, they offer a ‘Hawksmoor Hamburger with triple cooked chips’ deal for £15 and this is what we went for.

The burger was immense! Beautifully presented and layered with complementing and well thought out toppings. Rings of red onions, slices of pickle and melted Ogleshield cheese sat on top of the behemoth British Longhorn meat patty which was actually so colossal, it bulged out from the sides! The soft, sweet brioche bun soaked up all the tasty juices that dripped down from the meat. It also crowned and held together the burger magnificently. It tasted heavenly. Perfectly seasoned with a deep beefy taste, it was rich in flavour and enhanced by a hint of charcoal from the grill. Sensationally delicious!


The Hawksmoor burger is a mind-blowingly tasty burger pulled together by a whole plethora of rich flavours and using the high quality meat that you’d expect from Hawskmoor. Highly recommended and easily one of the best burgers in London. Go get some!

Expect to Pay

£15-£20 per person

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